A magical night for My Friend’s House

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Last Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful Christmas party hosted by Jeanette Poste. She has this party every year as a way of helping My Friend’s House, the women’s shelter in our area.

When you ring the doorbell, Jeanette’s handsome husband Russell greets you in a tuxedo and a pleasant smile and the party begins. Everyone brings toiletries or toys and gifts to be distributed to the shelter later. The house is magical; the tree is 20-25 feet high, decorated to the top. There are mini lights, wonderful treats and punch to enjoy. I noticed there is a lot of visiting and a bit of silly conversation among the guests. One visitor announced they had seen a large wolf in the ditch right near where they parked on the road.

Another guest was showing a picture on her phone that her daughter had sent from her travels. She was in a restaurant in front of a lobster tank but the sign said “Lobsters and Crap”.

It was a wonderful party and a great way for Jeanette to support her community.

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