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I’ve been following the ATV/ORV opinion pieces in The Creemore Echo quite closely over the summer months and in my opinion, every article I read is bologna.
Arguments are stated such as “ATVs are too loud, they’re smelly, and the riders are disrespectful of home owners.” In my own experience living in Glencairn, I see ORV of all types pass by my house on a regular basis, and they putt into town either stopping for gas at the Shell or just to pass by to get to the next trail opening. These so-called “reckless” riders are the most courteous drivers that come through this small town. Most diesel trucks, Honda Civics and Harley groups roar through here using the stop sign as the starting line for a drag strip. Sadly, I don’t own an ORV of my own because there is a higher cost involved in this sport. Fortunately, growing up, my dad and I would go out to the open trails to ride our dirt bikes and I wouldn’t change those memories for the world! It taught me hands on mechanical skills, being courteous and aware on the road, essentially it taught me to be the better driver that I am today at a young age.
Given this, when discussing the allowance of ATV/ORV access on municipal roads and trails, I don’t believe these riders aren’t trying to use their ATV to commute to work – they are using the roads to get from their houses to the trail opening, or from one trail end to the next beginning.
So, instead of exhausting your efforts of disagreeing with the allowance, I feel you should turn your energy and focus towards how we can safely share the road.
Unfortunately, realistically speaking, whichever way the decision goes and with the vast trail system we have in our area, ATV and ORV riders will continue to use the roads to enter the trail head, legal or not. Given this, let’s turn the conversation towards a focus on incorporating safety and awareness.
Blake Kelley,

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