Accessibility committee addresses event parking

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Clearview Township is purchasing four portable accessible parking signs for use at various events where permanent accessible parking is unavailable due to road closures.

The Clearview Accessibility Advisory Committee has been working on a project for the last year to assist in making community events more accessible, reported Human Resources manager Tammy Gill.

A concern that arose in regards to outdoor events, is that in many instances permanent accessible parking spaces cannot be utilized due to road closures and the layout of the event.

Wanting to ensure that events are inclusive for all attendees, she said the committee proposed to offer portable accessible parking signs to event organizers at no charge.

Event planners can request the portable accessible parking signs at the same time they request for road blockades.

There is a portable accessible parking sign guideline outlining the most effective use of the signs that will be provided to anyone who requests the road closure blockades and portable accessible parking signs.

The cost of the signs, $643.69, will by covered by the accessibility improvements budget.

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