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In last week’s article about ticks and Lyme Disease, I wrote, “Recently there has been a publication by Dr. Allan MacDonald, a highly regarded pathologist, in which Borrelia was found in five patients who had died of glioblastoma multiforme, a malignant brain tumor. Another study he did found nematodes (parasites) loaded with Borrelia in the brains of patients who had died from Multiple Sclerosis). Previously, he found seven out of 10 brain specimens tested positive for the specific DNA of Borrelia…”
I ought to have added in seven out of 10 brain specimens that were taken from the Harvard School brain bank taken from brains of people who had died of Alzheimer’s dementia tested positive for the specific DNA of Borrelia. This is my error of omission. A short You Tube video “Borrelia spirochaetes Detected in autopsy Alzheimer Brain by Dr. Alan MacDonald” says it all. Like the Syphilis spirochete, the Borrelia spirochete causes some types of dementia in at least 70 per cent of the 10 specimens he tested. His work has been recently confirmed by Dr. Herbert B. MacDonald and his colleagues at Drexel University, Philadelphia.
This is one of the reasons I have been so passionate about treating Lyme. I am retiring at the end of this year and hope that others will pick up this work, which very few doctors seem to be keen on despite an enormous need.
This microbe can infect the brain, the heart, the joints, tendons and muscles, the eyes many years after the original infection was acquired. Undetected often because there is no bite detected and no rash. Once one’s immune system is down for any number of reasons it can cause a lot of trouble. Why is it such a problem since Borrelia spirochete has been around for a very long time as witnessed by the autopsy of the Iceman who landed in a crevice in the Austrian Mountains killed by an arrow 5,300 years ago? He had Lyme disease. I think environmental pollution has a lot to do with this as the pollutants have messed up the ability of the ‘biotoxins’ produced by these bacteria which live in cells to get out of the cells and into the blood and excreted safely via the bowel. The ‘biotoxins’ are produced by the bacteria as they eat, play and propagate. And then there is global warming and so they have moved north into Ontario… and there are lots here.
– Jody Bowle-Evans

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