All hail to the hamlet of Perm

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All hail to the hamlet of Perm,

That many in this area can confirm,

Was a young and thriving Irish settlement,

In the beautiful Mulmur hills with trees sturdily bent.


In 1832, across the ocean the Hugh Gallaughers came,

The Whitleys and Lees followed doing the same,

At Mono Mills they did embark,

Happy, jovial and free as a lark.


The Gallaughers with a family of seven,

Soon learned that all was nothing like heaven,

They had to clear the land and build a home,

Grow their own food so no more did they roam.


Making sugar and weaving all their own fabric,

Many quilting bees ended with fun and some havoc.

At the Dufferin Museum, one of Hugh’s blankets you’ll see,

Dyed with petals of flowers with the help of a bee.


By 1887 the Perm population was fifty-five,

Through very rough times they all did survive.

Bethel Methodist Church and homes they had built,

Orange Hall and a blacksmith shop, if you will.


Today, in downtown Perm the lilacs still bloom,

A reminder of how love and laughter graced every room.

The Gallaughers for one hundred and eighty-five years,

Have tilled the land through blood, sweat and tears.


The seventh generation of Brandon, Chris and Karen,

What a wonderful rich heritage they have been given.

All praises are due to those first pioneers,

With their steadfast faith in God and hard work through the years.


On April 23, 2017 a bit of history takes place,

To Chris and Megan, a little girl shows her pretty face,

Grace is the eighth generation to live on Lot 14 Concession 4.

And so on this family our rich blessings we pour.

Norma Gallaugher,


Perm is located at 10th Sideroad and 4th Line of Mulmur Township.

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