Already too many trucks on the road

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Last week’s lead story on half loads was very puzzling to me. As I understand it a small group of truckers want $3 million in taxpayer/infrastructure money to upgrade perfectly good roads so they can make more money when so many roads in Simcoe need repairs.

There are already too many trucks on Airport Road causing a great problem for the majority of the population. Who hasn’t got stuck behind a large slow moving truck on Airport Road, unable to safely pass? 

The problem is compounded as the trucks hurtle down the hills at unstoppable speeds only to wheeze up the other side at 30 km/h holding up a stream of cars. 

The problem of half loads could be alleviated if truckers had the appropriate equipment with additional wheels/axel assemblies that can be cranked up or down to disperse the weight over an additional one or two axles, depending on the truck size, thus reducing the load per axel. 

Half loads protect our roads and I am quite sure the so-called “extra costs” have been built in to shipping charges on a yearly average, that is just good business practise.

Glenn Brown, 


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