Alternatives to industrial scale agriculture

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In his August 23 letter to The Echo, Dan Watkin derides “cidiots” for buying into “myths” surrounding the link between round-up and cancer and for condemning traditional mono crop agricultural practices.
Real farmers, he seems to be saying, accept that genetically modified crops are necessary to provide cheap food for all the aforementioned “cidiots” (who for some reason should not be sharing the road with combines and tractors).
His name calling is not helpful. There are alternatives to the industrial scale agriculture Watkins seems to think is necessary to feed the world.
We have people in our community managing their land using sustainable and productive methods.
If you would like to know more about “regenerative agriculture”, check out TEDxCollingwood talks by Gillian Flies “Climate Change: We Can Eat Our Way Out of This Mess” or “The World Needs Less Food” by Brent Preston.
Mk Lynde,

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