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Some people get excited about the Oscars or the Country Music Awards, but me; I get excited about the new season of Dr. Pimple Popper, Monsters Inside Me and Real Stories from the ER.
I love anything that is medical/science. I read all the magazines, study the textbooks and scavenge the grounds while out walking my dogs, for any remnants mainly of the bone variety. I even stopped on one of my walks to pull the teeth out of a dried out coyote jaw bone, don’t know what happened to the rest of the bones, but wow, that was a lucky find. I still have them in my collection.
Working for a doctor is great, he is kind enough to tell me in medical terms about unusual cases that he has worked on. My GP is also very generous with giving me information and discussing in great detail my test results or any concerns that I may have, you know, just in case Dr. Google is on a break.
Monsters Inside Me is about people who present with symptoms that could be anything as simple as a fever or muscle aches. They go to the hospital sometimes with very severe symptoms to be told to go home and get some rest. This may go on for a few weeks till finally they stumble on a visiting doctor who says, “You have a tape worm.” Yuck.
The thing that I find quite interesting is that pet owners will vaccinate their animals (a good thing) but not so many de-worm their pets.
Tapeworm is a zoonotic, meaning that it is transferable to humans; very important to de-worm your animals especially if Rufus likes to cuddle up with you and the kids.
So with all this interest in all things medical and scientific I get pretty excited when I have to take someone to the hospital, oh the things we can learn from the medical professionals.
The CEO had to be taken to the hospital, as he had a raging fever and was in quite a lot of pain. He knew what was going on as he had experienced these same sorts of symptoms before.
Off we went to the local hospital and were seen pretty quickly in the see and treat area.
I had looked at the “growth” to see if it was something that I could look after at home, but I didn’t think I had enough liquid lidocaine (freezing agent, I was using it when I developed mouth ulcers from the chemo) to cover the affected area. I also didn’t think that I had a scalpel blade long enough to do the job.
I told the attending physician what my plan of action was going to be, since I had an idea of what to do, seeing as I worked in a vet office, when a voice, slightly higher than normal said, “Don’t let her touch me, she only answers the phone.”
I took that little outburst as slightly offensive but then again where this abscess was located I would have been leery about someone bursting my bubble so to speak.
The CEO sailed through the procedure and stayed a course of antibiotics and has since made a full recovery.
I watched the whole micro surgery and mentally made note of the volume of infectious pus that was drained, better to have that information on hand for the next emergency.
The human body is an amazing thing; treat yours with the respect that it deserves.
Now if I could only find the latest edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, nothing like a little light reading before lights out.

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