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I am a creative person. I love to sew, do any sort of needlework even try my hand at painting. In fact during some of my darkest days creative expression has dug me out of myself imposed foxhole of blahness.
I love seeing what the really talented and creative people have been doing, so I am looking forward to the upcoming Purple Hills Arts Festival.
I go green with envy seeing the amazing works that are on display and wish that I had just a dab of the talent on display. Creemore and area seems to be a Mecca for artists of all sorts, I mean who needs the Louvre when we have such wonderful artists right here?
I have recently come aboard the board for the Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society and am in awe with the amount of work that they do within the community. I am so happy to hear that a brilliant portrait artist is leading the way for kids to have an opportunity to learn and be active in an arts program called the Creemore Community Arts Project. With the cutbacks to funding in the school system it is imperative that we have these alternative programs available for our youth.
Art is a way to express your loves, anger, and fantasies, and what young person doesn’t have all of these thoughts run through their head at some point in their young lives. Art could become an outlet for all these pent up feelings/frustrations.
I know that I as a teenager was always doodling, usually trying to copy the work of Dean, who did the album covers for Yes (boy, I am really aging myself). The point is though it kept my brain neurons firing off into something positive and legal, instead of the alternative.
I think that everyone should support the Purple Hills and the Creemore Community project as there are so few programs available for our youth. Even better is the fact that this program is available right here in town so no need to travel any great distance.
If you are interested in more information about either of these two very worthwhile causes please contact
As with any program there is always a desperate need for volunteers. Maybe you would like to help with upcoming events?
I am going to use a JFK line to suit this purpose… Ask not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community.
Any time spent helping the community is an investment in the community and the leaders of tomorrow.

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