ATV club membership deters rogue riding

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As a resident and taxpayer living on a country road, I am not opposed to recreational ATVing in Clearview. In fact the sport is a lot of fun.
As a non-owner of an ATV, I thank Councillor John Broderick for championing the cause of organized riding rather than rogue riding (see the photo of people riding in the Mad River in this week’s Creemore Echo). Should I ever decide to buy an ATV and become an ATV tourist (once there is a comprehensive provincial trail system), I may include John’s retail store in my comparative shopping in appreciation of his expertise. I know he is trying to do the best he can for our municipality.
As the volunteer secretary of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club, I support and promote ATV riding as a growing recreational family interest and tourism opportunity. I have seen firsthand that club membership deters rogue riding through the use of rules and trail wardens, simply because the club must stay on good terms with local municipalities and land owners. Additionally, club membership pays for insurance that protects local land owners where rogue riding does not.
While many Clearview residents seem to think that tourists dollars are fantastic as long as the tourists stay away – thus avoiding inconsiderate cyclists, loud motorcycles, occupied parking spaces – in reality such strategy makes for poor business practice. Tourists will not stay home and send money. The people of Clearview desire to live and work in this area, which means we must be tolerant and flexible of our neighbours, friends and visitors; and recognize opportunity when it rides to our door.
Donna Baylis,

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