Author releases book about coping with altered world

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The pandemic has prompted Creemore author Simon Heath to release the second book in the When Everything Falls Apart trilogy in an early digital-only format.
In Book One: The End, released last year, the story starts when a solar flare knocks out the world’s power supply. Book Two: The Middle is about a family living in an off-grid house in Mono, learning how to survive with their local community without any of the infrastructure they are accustomed to.
The story follows Brian, Karen and their nine-year old daughter Robin through an epic journey as they escape a crumbling Toronto, welcome a new baby, learn how to survive without power, become part of a new rural community, and ultimately return to help rebuild a devastated city.
From splitting wood, to grinding wheat, building an ad hoc abattoir and constructing a one-room schoolhouse, the community must go back to traditional ways to survive.
“When the power goes out and you don’t have a job anymore, all of your abstract qualifications aren’t necessarily applicable when it comes down to how do you just survive day-to-day, and feed your family. So, what you are left with are your basic human relations,” said Heath in an earlier interview.
Heath said he wanted to release the second book now, knowing that people may have extra time on their hands, and that some of the themes are very timely.
“While the premise… is different than what we are experiencing with COVID-19, many of the challenges the characters face in learning how to cope with a world that has been drastically altered are very much the same,” said Heath.
Anyone wanting to order a pdf of the book by e-mail is asked to contact Heath is charging $10, which he said will go toward the eventual printing of the book.

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