Back-to-work leaves rural homes vulnerable to thefts

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With the majority of the province having entered Stage Two of the re-opening of the economy, Dufferin OPP would like to remind homeowners and residents to be vigilant about securing their property.
“We know that during the COVID-19 lockdown break-ins to residential properties dropped significantly, and that this was likely a result of many people working from home,” said police.
Those who break into residences to commit thefts commonly target empty residences during traditional workday hours.
If you are going to be, or have recently returned to work and your home will be empty through the day, remember to secure your home. Lock the doors and windows. If you have an alarm, set it. If you have a home surveillance system please turn it on.
Dufferin OPP have had success in solving break and enter occurrences and prosecuting offenders partly due to excellent images provided by homeowners.  
Look out for your neighbours and write down licence plates of vehicles you don’t recognize in the neighbourhood. If you see someone heading up the neighbour’s driveway when you know they aren’t home, and it doesn’t seem right, please call Dufferin OPP and report it.

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