Bidding at auction makes for good winter sport

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This time of year can be tricky, on the one hand the sun is shining and you think, “oh lovely, I will take the dogs for a wee walk.” Then you go out and realize that the temp is still well below zero.

So I look to do things that are fun, and warm, preferably indoors. The perfect pastime… the auction. Not the bird or animal auction (even they wait for warmer weather) but the Kidd auctions over at the arena hall. I have been going to auctions ever since I learned to lift my arm in the air or give the secret wide eye look.

Not only are the collections of stuff interesting to look at, but better than the museum because you can actually pick the stuff up. If the goods on display aren’t interesting enough the people are. There are the usual suspects, you know, the dealers. The ones who seem to bid on anything just for the sake of bidding and the group who seem to firmly sit on their hands to stop themselves from getting caught up in the frenzy. This particular auction a couple of things had caught my eye; there was a French style chair with red velvet, obviously well loved by the previous owner (that’s designer talk for shabby chic).

I didn’t think anyone else would be interested in it and was surprised at the price I had to pay for the treasure, but treasure doesn’t always come cheap. While I could justify paying the $80 for the chair, I couldn’t understand why someone would pay well, and I mean well, over $150 for a wooden box. I mean you couldn’t even save it to be used as a casket for your final trip, unless you were folded neatly into a small package.

One of the items I was interested in was the box of chicken sunglasses. You know the little red square shades that attach at the top of the beak, almost like a pince nez, they were to stop chickens from pecking each other to death.

My nemesis of the auction (only because we both like the same things) started bidding. I knew what the going price was so decided that I would play the evil auction bidder and bid my nemesis up, insert evil chuckle here, and it worked. The box with applicator went for $25, $20 too much according to the CEO.

Since he got his new iPhone he looks the price of everything up. This ability to find the value of just about anything with the click of a button was reflected in the next item that came up for bid; A grouping of books about antiques and price guides. Unfortunately the auctioneer couldn’t even give them away as like most written things they become obsolete almost as soon as they are published, especially price guides.

There was a small amount of Moorcroft china for sale there that went for pennies compared to previous prices. I came home with a few things, not too much compared to previous trips to the auction. I go by the buying rule of,  if you like it and it won’t break you, then buy it. I am enjoying my creature comforts and am willing to raise my arm and shake it like mad to get the attention of the auctioneer, so long as it is a great deal.

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