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We sent good wishes to Mercedes Veinot and Alma Seifert both in hospital, get well soon.

Thank you to Lucy Young for a large bag of candy.

Thirty-nine members were out for cards and 50/50 draws were won by Melvin Lougheed, Marcia Cameron, Dave Smith, Carol Tymchuk, Alinda Bishop, Bob McNicol and Wayne Brownridge.

Four Moon Shots were played by James Ferguson, Dave Smith, Marcia Cameron and visitor Keith Tippin received the travel prize.

Winners for cards were Keith Tippin, 315; James Ferguson, 288; Corrine Brownridge, 279; and low went to Melvin Lougheed, 144. No one was in the lucky chair.

Karen was the mother of a three year old boy, found out she was to give birth to a daughter and tried to prepare Micheal for a sibling. He would sing to his sister through his mother’s tummy. The song was “You Are My Sunshine” which we all know. Day after day he would sing to his sister. However during delivery there were complications and the baby was in distress and was rushed to a intensive care unit where she continued to deteriorate.

Michael insisted he wanted to sing to his sister but children were not allowed in intensive care. As the baby got worse Karen decided to take Michael to sing to his sister, and when met by a bossy head nurse who demanded she get the kid out of there, normally mild mannered Karen said, “He is going to sing to his sister”. As he sang  the baby began to respond, her pulse became steady and her breath became smooth. By this time, tears were streaming down the face of the head nurse. A day or two later the baby was going home.

Woman’s Day called it the miracle of a brother’s song but the medical staff just called it a miracle.

Remember: As in the story above the power of love is incredible.

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