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Now that students are back in school and busses are on the roads once more, Dufferin OPP is reminding motorists of the rules of the road.
“A return to school for students is a good time for motorists to look at their own driving behavior,” said police. “Over the recent months officers have observed many motorists failing to adhere to the basic rules of the road such as: Not stopping for stop signs, Failing to stop at red lights when making right turns, and Speeding in Community Safety Zones believing that the zone were only in effect when school is on.”
Motorists are also reminded of the necessity to stop for school buses when approaching or overtaking. Unless there is a physical barrier, such as a guide rail or median, motorists both directions need to stop when a school bus is topped and has its red lights activated.
Motorists need to remember the ABCs of traffic safety during the initiative:
A – Always stop for red lights and stop signs. Slowing is not stopping – there is a difference.
B – Bus awareness. When you see a stopped school bus with red lights activated, you must stop.
C – Community Safety Zones – These zones are in effect in communities at all times, day and night, and require drivers to slow down and drive with increased care and attention regardless if the school year is on.

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