Cemetery, not a dumping ground

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The CEO belongs to a very exclusive club called the Creemore Cemetery Board.
This past Father’s Day was the annual Decoration Day, where the living family members go and “decorate” past ones’ headstones and have a general jovial affair. I guess you could say that it is a played down version of Cinqo de Mayo, all the Mexicans seem to know how to party like it’s 1999.
This past Decoration Day was a little different due to C-19. Drive-through only and no singing or picnicking, unless it was at a safe distance.
As with so many of the boards and organizations in Creemore it is still primarily an “old” guard in charge of things. Such is the case with the cemetery and some of its members.
The grounds keeper for one is 80 something and yet still cuts the grass and empties the garbage cans. He picks up the big barrels and dumps them into a trailer where he rakes through all the deposits and sorts it into, recyclables, organics (green bin) and plain old garbage.
Well, if you can believe it, people have been taking their household garbage and their animal garbage and dumping it in the garbage cans at the cemetery (Shame on you!). Poor old Bob was raking some of the garbage and got into a pile of refuse cat litter, the used kind, with all this heat you can just imagine the smell. The poor guy had to go home and have a lie down he was feeling so sick.
To the person(s) who dare such an atrocity, remember that your cat dumps can go in the green bin. You can put it in those green bin liners that they sell at any grocery or hardware store and put it in your own green bin. The people trying to rest in peace are getting tired of the rotting cat feces smell.
Also on point is the fact that some people don’t seem to be able to read signs. Maybe the Cemetery Board should look at having their signage posted in several languages… just a thought… there is a big sign at the entrances to the Cemetery asking people not to bring their dogs into the resting place of so many. And yet, there on Decoration Day were the sounds of barking dogs, I don’t know, maybe it’s the bone smell? People don’t seem to be able to read that dogs are not allowed in the grounds. Again poor old grounds keeper has to pick up more “deposits” from another form of four-legged animal. The CEO would hate to have to remove permanently the garbage receptacles due to the inconsiderate acts of what I can only hope is a few people.
Although the cemetery is not dead center of town, which would facilitate the watching of the garbage cans, but people are still dying to get into the precious real estate, although I do hear that they have condos available now in case you want to be a little higher than your neighbours.
All kidding aside, please don’t take your dog or your garbage to the cemetery, it’s just not right and can be very upsetting to people who have loved ones there.
The CEO and the other members of the board thank you too, especially the grounds keeper.

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