Clearview adopts architectural controls for infill lots

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Clearview has approved an architectural control plan for infill lots in the township.
An Architectural Control Plan is required for subdivisions and the development of multiple lots but there are no minimum standards set for other residential lots. Mara Burton said this can lead to conflict between properties.
She told council on April 8, the intent of the architectural control plan is not to slow down development but to make it fit with the rest of the community when applicable.
“Staff have prepared a simple Architectural Control Plan that would fill in the gaps,” reported Burton. “The document was prepared based on other existing architectural plans within the municipality. At the same time, the Plan focuses on simple and easily attainable characteristics intended to result in harmony with neighbouring properties and a consistent image, or at least one that doesn’t offend, within a neighbourhood.”
“The Plan is proposed to apply to all the settlements. However, staff recognize that the Plan may not be implemented in some of the very small settlements given the inventory of existing residential lots.”
The plan includes making consistent where the home is situated on the lot, colours, design, building material and rooflines.
Burton said staff did not want to pick and choose which settlements should or should not have a Architectural Plan so in order to be responsive to the unique nature of the small settlement, an exemption would apply if a dwelling were to be constructed at least 66 feet away from a side lot line.

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