Clearview bus doesn’t support Rule #5

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I watched with some interest, 13 Ways to Kill Your Community.

I was struck with the rule #5, about shopping elsewhere.

I do all my shopping in Creemore, unless it is something that is needed for one of my big machines.

Why, I even got a local artist to paint lemons on one of my machines.

I have bought all the supplies needed to run my business from local hardware stores and have even eaten in every eatery in town.

So my question is, why, oh, why am I, as a taxpayer paying to run a bus that is going to take local shoppers to the Superstore in Wasaga Beach rather than to keep them shopping here?

There are other rules on the list that I struggle with as well.

While things have certainly changed marginally in the last 25 years or so, there is still lots to be done.

I strongly encourage you to look at the list and see what you as community members, can do to keep our village alive, thriving and growing.

Bob Ransier,


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