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Most of us are aware of the emotionally charged exchange between Walker Aggregates and residents bordering the quarry on Duntroon Road 91 concerning the expansion of the quarry.
It wasn’t friendly and much money was spent by both sides. The expansion happened and is ongoing. However, present discussions involved the ‘Lobsinges’ Sideroad 26/27 upgrade to compensate for the contracted closure of 91 west of the 10th Concession, agreed to during the negotiations.
Heavy load trucks go up and down 91 all week long. On the way down 91, air brakes are used for security reasons which cause unwanted excessive noise to the neighbours. Notwithstanding a modification to the slope of 91 a potential danger still exists in the event of a runaway truck.
Wouldn’t a reasonable solution be the following:
• The trucks can go up the #91 but cannot come back down. Instead, once full, they would go up to the 31, south along a flattened straight road to Singhampton and then on down 124.
•Couldn’t this be considered a workable compromise? Noise and potential danger would be mitigated down #91 and aggregate would get to market. However, up country traffic would also have to take a less direct route with the #91 closure. Singhampton residents along #124 would experience an increased volume of truck traffic during the working week.
• The biggest obstacle appears to be the corner of 124/91 towards Stayner where trucks have to make a difficult right hand turn. Could the township not purchase that corner building (if possible), raze it to the ground, modify the corner to open up visual fields and facilitate that turn?
Can our elected officials get this, or something comparable done?
Dan Watkin,

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