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(A copy of a letter I have sent to TD Canada Trust).

I have in my possession a passbook for account # 1181 showing an initial deposit for $1 on Dec. 28, 1928, made by my mother, in trust for me.

Although $1 doesn’t sound like much today, she probably had to sell three dozen eggs to get it.

This account or a replacement has been in continuous use for almost 89 years.

I would guess that I might be the longest continuous depositor in the branch. It saddens me greatly that you are going to close it.

Firstly, I believe your timing is faulty.

Alliance Homes is planning on starting their development on Mary Street and County Road 9 this fall. Their plan is to build 495 units, which would double Creemore’s population.

The MacIntosh Meadows of Creemore, is close to starting and will also eventually add 72 units.

Peter Miller Enterprises, is still interested in building a 24 unit Senior’s Residents home.

As a senior, I am quite concerned over some of my friends’ ability to transact their daily banking needs.

As we age some of us are not comfortable with internet or telephone banking but we still need to pay our bills and get cash.

We may not have a car and the Clearview Public Transit only goes from Stayner to Wasaga Beach, with no indication that it will be extended. The closest taxi service is either Collingwood for $90 or Angus for $80.

You should carefully consider that although we are seniors, we are not sheep.

If you say that we must go to TD Canada Trust in Stayner, I would suggest that the majority of us will not only choose to deal with another bank but also transfer any funds we might have, in GICs, RRSPs, TFSAs and associated firms like TD Waterhouse etc., to other more customer friendly financial institutions.

You say in your letter that the reason for moving is “Quite simply, that we want to make sure that each branch is equipped to offer you a comfortable banking experience today and well into the future”.

By closing the Creemore branch you are doing the exact opposite by trying to make us all go to Stayner.

I ask you to reassess your decision to close the Creemore branch.

Gerry Blackburn,


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