Condo units unprecedented for Mulmur

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Re: Residents voice concerns over Mansfield Ski Club development (Oct. 16 edition).
I would just like to clarify some of Mayor Horner’s comments – 45.5 per cent of the households that brought the delegation to Mulmur council on Oct. 7 were not from the Mountainview neighbourhood. (Also, note that only households within 600 m of the MSC were notified about the development proposal, so it would not be surprising if opposition from outside of this region were thus far limited.) 
I hope that Mayor Horner did not intend to imply that some residents do not have any grounds to contest the proposed Mansfield Ski Club development. Significant concerns were raised during the delegation, by all residents involved.  
Finally, I would point out that although there has been some development in Mulmur, there is no precedent for 93 condo units being built in a parking lot.
Sasha Kutuzyan,

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