Council appears to have overlooked its own guiding principles

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We in Ontario live in a privileged time and place.  Only a small percentage of us have had to experience the life altering impacts of climate change and the coronavirus. 
The notion that we need to take action is not new, but it is now critical.  These are challenges that require action on all levels, individual, community, government, and industry. 
How very sad, then, it was to read The Echo account of Clearview’s distraction from these critical issues by an initiative to widen the impact area of ATVs. 
The councillor championing this proposal is an ATV dealer and self professed “expert” whose rationale is that it would be “good for the economy” – but maybe not his. He claims that the integrity commissioner sees no conflict of interest. More disturbing, the council asked for no written report from the ethics commissioner, and appeared to overlook its own guiding principle:
“ Members shall act with honesty and integrity, serving in a diligent manner, and performing their duties in a manner which promotes public confidence. Rule 1: Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest. Members shall avoid situations of real or apparent conflict of interest or bias.  Members shall avoid participating in or influencing a proceeding when the member, or another person with whom the member has a close personal or professional relationship, has a financial or other private interest that may be affect (sic) by the proceeding or its outcome.”
The apparent lack of leadership and respect for the law on this contentious issue gives one a sense that the Trump dysfunction south of us is creeping north.  Pity.  However, it is reassuring to read that there are many Clearview residents equally disturbed and asking for accountability.
Michael Monahan,

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