Councillor takes leave of absence

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Councillor Connie Leishman is taking a leave of absence.
“My health isn’t the best since my surgery I’ve had a few setbacks and I think I have to step away from this job for a while, until I get it straightened out,” Leishman announced at the Sept. 14 council meeting, just before signing off early, saying she couldn’t hold on any longer.
Leishman, the Ward 6 councillor who represents the Sunnidale Corners area, underwent surgery on March 31 to have a kidney removed as treatment for bladder cancer.
In her usual jovial style, Leishman used her time for her councillor’s report to give kudos to all the good things that are being done in the township and showed off a sweater knit by a resident, before reluctantly making the announcement.
“I do apologize if you can’t get ahold of me but you can call any councillor, including the mayor and the deputy mayor, and they will help you out but I will be stepping away for a while,” she said to the public tuning in on YouTube. “I don’t know how long it’ll take me but I’m hoping it won’t be too long. I’ve tried to get back on track since my surgery but it hasn’t worked out very well.”
She thanked everyone for their support, and all the letters.

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