Coyote population out of control

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Our beautiful kitties are gone! They were snatched in the night by deadly stalkers…killers… 

On the farm we keep cats to control rodents but we also love our cats as pets. This spring and summer we have had 20 cats go missing in the night. We have three kittens left missing their most beautiful and loving mother, and one male cat left. He has been nurturing the kittens, as I’m sure, he knows the danger that lurks. 

The coyote population is out of control! They have no natural predator in our area. However, they have created an un-natural balance of wildlife by removing rabbits, turkeys, and deer from our midst. Most concerning to us is the disappearance of our cats and the fear of losing our baby calves. The coyote population is rampant and small animals, such as pets, are helpless and you certainly wouldn’t want to leave your child unattended outdoors. Recently we have been discussing our loss with fellow farmers and village friends. The shocking stories have shed greater light on how coyotes have moved into locations for greater ease for “the kill.”

We have had multiple farmers share horrifying stories of losing sheep, calves and attacking cattle. In town stories of missing pets, even watching a small dog killed by coyotes.

We think it’s time to start sharing our stories to keep our animals safe. Remember coyotes are the size of a German shepherd and they are not intimidated by us anymore.

Marie Miller,


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