Creemore Curling Club standings

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Adam Verstegen 2-0-0

Paul Crevier 1-1-0

Russ Flack 1-1-0

Ron Coulter 1-0-0

Al Lambert 1-0-0

Ed Meulendyk 0-2-0

Neil Rowbotham 0-2-0

From The Hack: Men’s League curling season began on Nov. 7 with seven teams eager to curl on in competition for the “Gord Miller Trophy”. It didn’t take long and most players where beginning to find their ice legs and balance and sweeping hard. After the first two weeks of play the Adam Verstegen rink has taken a quick lead in the standings. Still early and some keen competition to overcome between now and the end of the first round of play. Welcome to the newest curler to join the Club, Guy Close.


McDougall 4-1-1

Bell 4-2-0

Coulter 4-2-0

Lambert 3-2-1

Steed 1-5-0

Loranger 1-5-0

From The Hack: On Monday, Team Bell managed a comfortable win over Team Steed and Team Loranger picked up their first win over Team Lambert. Wednesday had Teams Coulter and McDougall continuing with their winning ways. Teams McDougall, Bell and Coulter are all in the running for top team this session.



Meulendyk 2-0-0-1

Bell 2-0-0-1

Cass 2-1-0-0

Lindsay 1-1-0-1

Crevier 1-1-1-0

Neelin 1-1-1-0

Vorstermans 1-2-0-0

Morby 0-2-1-0

McArthur 0-3-0-0

From the Hack: The first draw of the season is getting off to a good start with nine teams vying for the Jim Steed Memorial Trophy. Welcome back Brian Cass. Skipping this draw, his team won their first two games. Teams skipped by Jim Bell and Ed Meulendyk are also in the hunt for the lead. Stay tuned!


Nov. 6

Team Millsap won vs. Team Steed

Team Crawford won vs. Team McKay

Nov. 13

Team Steed vs. Team McKay – Tie

Team Crawford won vs. Team Millsap

Nov. 20

Team Steed won vs. Team Crawford

Team McKay won vs. Team Millsap

From The Hack: The ladies league has been off to a fabulous start! We have 12 members of the ladies league this year and we will be curling three-on-three. If there are any ladies who are still interested in joining they can contact Melissa at 705-331-7554.

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