Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team Win-Loss-Tie

McDougall 5-2-1

Lambert 5-2-1

Bell 5-3-0

Coulter 5-3-0

Steed 2-6-0

Loranger 1-7-0

From the Hack: Excellent shot-making from the front ends of all the teams. Teams McDougall, Lambert, Bell and Coulter still in the mix for top spot. Unfortunately, as the author of this piece painfully knows, only one team stuck in the basement! Good curling everyone! BTW – whose turn is it, to bring in cookies?


Team Win-Loss-Tie-Bye

Adam Verstegen 3-0-0-0

Ron Coulter 2-0-0-1

Russ Flack 1-2-0-0

Paul Crevier 1-1-0-1

Neil Robotham 1-2-0-0

Al Lambert 1-1-0-1

Ed Meulendyk 0-3-0-0

From The Hack: After the first three weeks of curling it appears as though we may have a closely contested round. Although the Verstegen rink currently holds the lead they are one game up on some of the others and will not have their” bye” until the end of this round. Let’s see if they can hold the lead through the final four evenings of play.


Team Win-Loss-Tie-Bye

Meulendyk 3-0-0-1

Cass  3-1-0-0

Bell 2-1-0 -1

Lindsay 2-1-0-1

Vorstermans 1-2-0-1

Crevier 1-2-1-0

Neelin 1-2-1-0

Morby 1-2-1-0

McArthur 0-4-0-0

From the Hack: Team Meulendyk has taken the lead with 3 wins and no losses.  Teams Morby and McArthur battled it out for their first win.  Morby squeaked out a win by one point!


Team Millsap vs. Team Steed – Team Millsap with the win

Team McKay vs. Team Crawford – Team McKay with the win

From the Hack: It was an exciting week at the Creemore Curling Club for the Ladies! Team Millsap faced off against Team Steed and both skips were absent this week! Team Millsap had Ann Huskinson step up to skip, and Team Steed had Diane Kelly skipping for them! Both ladies did a fantastic job and made some stellar shots for their teams! A big thank you to Karen Crevier and Gail Martens for skipping on these teams this week! Team McKay and Team Crawford had all their teammates in attendance and had a nail biting game! Team McKay came away with the win this week but I have a feeling Team Crawford will be out for a win next week!

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