Creemore Curling Club standings

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Ron Coulter 5-0-0

Adam Verstegen 3-3-0

Al Lambert 3-2-0

Neil Rowbotham 2-3-0

Paul Crevier 2-3-0

Russ Flack 1-4-0

Ed Meulendyk 1-4-0

From The Hack: With only one evening of play remaining in the first round the team of Ron Coulter, Bill McDougall, Rob McLeod and Don Metheral has a firm hold onto first place. Next week will be the last evening of curling before the Christmas break.


Morby 4-2-0

Neelin 3-2-1

Bell 3-2-0

Lindsay 3-2-0

Meulyndyk 3-2-0

Cass 3-2-0

Vorstermans 2-3-0

Crevier 1-3-1

McArthur 1-5-0

From the Hack: Too much eggnog? Apologies to those teams whose scores were “altered”. Team Morby is in the lead, but with five teams having three wins and only one game remaining, the Jim Steed Memorial Trophy could be up for grabs. The pressure is on!


McDougall 7-4-1

Lambert 6-4-2

Bell 6-5-1

Coulter 5-5-1

Steed 4-6-1

Loranger 4-8-0

From the Hack: The daytime curlers are about to enter their last week of play for this session, with four teams still in the running for top spot. Could make for some very exciting games. Good curling everyone!


This week was a big one for the ladies curling league as everyone was aiming for a win to see who will be playing for the trophy next week.

Currently in first place and playing for the trophy is Team Crawford, consisting of Judith Crawford, Glenda Brown and Cathy Meeser.

In second place and playing for the trophy also is Team Millsap consisting of Gayle Millsap, Ann Huskinson and Melissa Ferguson.

And currently tied for third place are Team Steed and Team McKay. Team Steed consists of Marilyn Steed, Diane Kelly and Fred Mills. Team McKay consists of Sandy McKay, Lynn Gowan and Alex Brewer.

Good luck to all the ladies next week!

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