Creemore Curling Club standings

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Lindsay 3-1

Bell 3-1

Fuller 2-1

McArthur 2-1

Meulendyk 2-2

Crevier 1-1

Cass 1-2

Morby 1-3

Vorstermans 1-3

From the Hack: With two games left in this draw, teams Bell and Lindsay are tied for first. However, this could change as several teams have a game to make up. Stay tuned!



Bell 5-2-2

Lambert 5-4-0

McDougall 4-4-1

Martens 4-5-0

Steed 4-4-1

Loranger 3-6-0

From the Hack: The final games for the second session will be played on Monday, Feb. 12. And isn’t it fitting to have the top two teams, Teams Bell and Lambert, playing against each other on the last day, with the winner being crowned champion! Ah the excitement rises! Good curling everyone!



Ron Coulter 5-0-0

Adam Verstegen 4-1-0

John Millsap 3-1-1

Dave Millsap 3-2-0

Gord Fuller 2-2-1

Russ Flack 1-4-0

Neil Rowbotham 1-4-0

Bill McDougall 0-5-0

From the Hack: The Ron Coulter team continues to lead the pack with the Adam Verstegen team close on his heels. There are two weeks remaining in the mid winter draw and the top four teams are within striking distance of winning the TD Bank trophy.


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