Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team (win-loss)

Bell 2-0

Loranger 2-0

Steed 1-1

Coulter 1-1

Lambert 0-2

McDougall 0-2

From the Hack: Another year of curling is underway, with the daytime league teams having played twice, this week. Teams Bell and Loranger have set the bar fairly high with the amazing shots by Isobel and Peter, both filling the vice positions for their respective teams. We welcome Doug back as well as Bruce from the men’s league. Also we have a first-time curler, Marty, who has impressed with how fast he has taken to the game! Thanks to Sandy and Joan for the treats this week, can’t wait to try other home-made goodies from the other curlers! Good curling everyone!


Team (win-loss-tie)

Crawford 0-1-0

Millsap 1-0-0

Steed 0-1-0

Walker 1-0-0

From the hack: For the first draw we welcome some new faces to the Ladies league. There were two close matches that could have gone either way. Good curling ladies! The battle for the McArthur Trophy begins.

Did you know?… Curling is the only sport where opponents shake hands at the beginning and at the end of each game.

We are a friendly group. Come check us out at a free Curling Clinic on Saturday, Nov. 3 at 1 p.m.

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