Creemore Curling Club standings

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Ladies (win-loss)

Millsap 4-1

Walker 3-2

Steed 2-3

Crawford 1-4

From the Hack: Big win for Judith and team. With spares Mary and Jazmin, Abbey moved further up the ranks to vice. Their win put Team Millsap on top.

Thanks to Sarah and her Cybergirls for the robotics demo.

Did you know?…Curling was invented over 500 years ago. The world’s oldest curling rock, found in a drained pond, can be seen at Scotlands Stirling museum.

It is inscribed with the year 1511.

Mixed (win-loss-tie)

Bell 4-0-0

Fuller 3-1-0

McArthur 2-2-0

Meulyndyk 2-2-0

Crevier 2-2-0

Cass 1-2-1

Neelin 1-3-0

Baylis 0-3-1

From the Hack: Nov. 16 – The high scorers of the evening were Team McArthur with 12 points and Team Bell with 11 points.   

Nov. 23 – Jim’s Belles (Jazmin, Lisa and Amy) are undefeated going into game 5.  Team Fuller (Gord, Catherine, Rodger Giffen and Carol Whitley) is hot on their heels!  High scorers were Teams  Meulendyk and Bell, both with 9 points.  Stay tuned….  

Daytime (win-loss-tie)

Loranger 7-2-0

Coulter 6-2-1

Bell 6-4-0

Steed 4-5-1

McDougall 3-7-0

Lambert 2-8-0

From the Hack: Isobel had to step up to the skip position for Team Bell, due to the absence of Jim. So it was, in essence, a McDougall team versus a McDougall team! The front end for Isobel, placed their rocks perfectly in front of the house. Mary, as vice, and Isobel threw excellent takeout and draw shots, leaving Bill, and team scratching their heads and saying … what? Team Bell won easily. (I can confirm that despite the outcome, Bill did give Isobel a ride home! And I think he had to make the afternoon tea!). Team Steed bested Team Lambert, and Team Coulter had no problem beating Team Loranger. Good curling everyone!

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