Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Bell 5-2-0

Fuller 5-2-0

Crevier 5-2-0

Cass 4-2-1

McArthur 4-3-0

Meulyndyk 2-5-0

Neelin 1-6-0

Baylis 1-5-1

From the Hack: What a close race for 1st place! It’s official! Jim’s Belles (Jazmin Verstegen, Amy Purkis and Lisa Soules) will have their names added to the Jim Steed Memorial Trophy. They will also challenge the daytime, men’s and ladies’ leagues for the Interleague Challenge Cup on Dec 19.  

The mixed league begins a new session on Friday, Jan 4. New, and old, curlers are welcome. No experience necessary. Call Mixed League rep Ed Meulyndyk at 519-923-6513.


Team win-loss-tie

Adam Verstegen 4-2-1

Gord Fuller 4-2-1

Neil Rowbotham 4-3-0

Dave Millsap 4-3-0

Bill Neelin 3-4-0

John Millsap 2-2-2

Bill Hewitt 2-5-0

Ron Coulter 2-4-0

From The Hack: Tuesday evening was the last evening of curling for the first draw of the season, which after the dust had settled, found the Adam Verstegen team and Gord Fuller team tied for first place in terms of wins, losses and ties. The Adam Verstegen team however wins the Gord Miller Trophy based on the head to head tie-breaker rule which found the Verstegen rink had beating the Fuller rink during regular round robin play. Congratulations are due to all the players for such a closely fought round of curling. Trophy presentation by Donna Baylis and Christmas wind down took place on Dec. 18. Now to prepare for the next draw.


Team Win-loss-tie

Walker   5-2-0

Millsap   4-2-1

Steed     3-3-1

Crawford   1-6-0

From the Hack: The first session ended with a “fun” night for the Ladies. Each end started and finished with an unusual twist. Lots of laughs, great post game food and camaraderie. Next draw begins Jan. 7. Did you know: The first curling stones in Canada were made of iron. Weighing between 60 and 80 pounds and shaped like tea kettles, they can still be found in trophy cases across the country.

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