Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Loranger 3-0-0

McDougall 2-0-2

Lambert 1-2-1

Steed 1-3-1

Martens 1-3-0

From the Hack: Both on Monday and Wednesday the games were very close. High-fives go out to Peter, Sandy, and Jake for the superb shots they made in their respective games! The Tim Hortons Brier currently being watched by the daytime curlers has proven to be all inspiring, as Bill McDougall was overheard suggesting the draw shot to the button, by Ontario Skip Scott MacDonald, was nearly as good as the one Bill threw himself! Thanks to Diane and Marilyn for providing the delicious baked goods! Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss-tie

Baylis 2-0-0

Fuller 1-0-1

Crevier 1-0-1

Neelin 1-?-?

Cass 1-1-0

Crawford ?-1-?

McArthur 0-2-0

Meulendyk 0-2-0

From the Hack: And the race is on for the Creemore Village Pharmacy Trophy!  Team Baylis (Donna, Jim/Rita Madill and Amy Purkis) are in the lead with 4 teams hot on their heels.  High scorers were Teams Neelin (12) and Crevier (11).  Jim Bell thanks all for the speedy recovery wishes! (? = team did not report.)


Team win-loss-tie

Brown 2-0-0

Kelly 1-1-0

Huskinson 1-1-0

McKay 0-2-0

From the Hack: Interesting third session with the ‘new skips’ learning strategy and making more difficult shots. Glenda skipping Team Brown has had two high scoring wins to sit in first place…for now!

Did you know?…The annual Canadian Men’s Curling Championship, “The Brier” began in 1927. Brier originally referred a brand of tobacco manufactured by the event’s first sponsor, The MacDonald Tobacco Company. The sponsorship has changed over the years but the event retained the “brier” name.

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