Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie

Brown 2-1-0

Kelly 2-1-0

Huskinson 1-2-0

McKay 1-2-0

From the Hack: Determined to get in the win column, all members of Team McKay brought their best game this week.

Despite of half the team being under the weather, Team Kelly had a strong effort to get a win. Great curling by all.

Did you know?….”Jitney” is to curling, what shinny is to hockey. A game without any serious competition, but played mainly for the purpose of a good time. A social occasion that happens to occur around a game of curling.


Team win-loss-tie

Loranger 4-0-0

McDougall 2-1-2

Steed 2-3-1

Lambert 1-2-1

Martens 1-4-0

From the Hack: On Monday Marilyn, Isobel, Sandy and Marty played to perfection allowing an easy victory for Team Steed over Team McDougall. Again, the front end for Team Loranger, – Doug, Jake and Anne –  threw excellent shots to allow another win against Team Martens.  On Wednesday, Team Creemore was invited to the Stayner Curling Club to participate in the annual “Staymore” Challenge. Although the points were relatively close after the first draw, Team Creemore managed an impressive second draw by winning all four games. 


Team win-loss-tie

Crevier 2-0-1

Baylis 2- 1-0

Cass 2-1-0

Crawford 2- 1-0

Fuller 1-1-1

Neelin 1-2-0

McArthur 0-2-?

Meulendyk 0-2-?

From the Hack:  Team Crevier has a slight edge over Teams Baylis, Cass and Crawford for first place.  Stay tuned! (? = no report)


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