Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Bell 2-0
Lambert 2-0
Coulter 1-1
Loranger 1-1
McDougall 0-2
Martens 0-2
From the Hack: The new curling year is underway. The Daytime League would like to welcome new curlers Marion, Jane, Karen and Heather. Our group was very impressed with the recent renovations and would like to thank all those involved. Also, Paul and the “ice-crew” did a super job preparing our two sheets of ice – clean and keen! On Monday, teams Bell and Lambert managed easy wins over Teams McDougall and Loranger respectively. Team Coulter squeaked out a close win against Team Martens. Wednesday had Teams Bell and Lambert continuing their winning ways. Good curling everyone!


Team win-loss
Baylis 1-0
Crawford 0-1
Millsap 1-0
Walker 0-1
From the Hack: New season, the club interior has a new look and the ladies welcomed two new curlers.This draw, the goal is to be on the McArthur Family Trophy. it was a close game, but a win by Team Millsap. Likely there are sore muscles on both teams after so much sweeping. Team Baylis got their win after some tricky shots by the ‘pinball wizard!’

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