Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Baylis 3-1
Crawford 1-3
Millsap 3-1
Walker 2-2
From the Hack: Exciting game on Sheet 1 (Millsap over Walker). Debbie played well and learned there is more to vice than throwing and sweeping.
Sheet 2 curlers (Crawford over Baylis) had trouble finding weight but front enders put lots of rocks in play for challenging skip stones.
Judith was up to the challenge with some perfect shots to get the win.
Quote of the week: “I’ve worked up an appetite with so much sweeping!” (Chantelle)


Team win-loss
Crevier 3-1
Rowbotham 3-1
Flack 2-2
Verstegen 2-2
Lambert 2-2
Cass 2-2
Hewitt 1-3
Millsap 1-3


Team win-loss
Lambert 5-2
Bell 5-2
Coulter 4-3
McDougall 3-4
Loranger 2-5
Martens 2-5
From the Hack: The second round robin of the session is now underway. On Monday, a surprise! All three underdog teams won their respective games against the top echelon. Bill and Anne had perfect weight to allow Team Martens to dismiss Team Coulter and Team McDougall relied on Bill and Bruce to score and beat Team Bell. In the afternoon, Jim, Marion, Isobel and Michael, of Team Loranger, managed their shots well in each end, to ensure a win over Team Lambert. Wednesday had Teams Bell and Lambert adding a tick in the win column. The front end of Team McDougall threw well, and then Bill delivered exceptional draw shots to overcome the challenge from Team Loranger. Thanks to Ron, Michael, Marty and Ann for treats this week. Good curling everyone!

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