Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Crevier 4-2
Vorstemans 4-2
Fuller 4-2
Bell 4-2
Meulendyk 3-3
McArthur 3-3
Cass 1-5
Neelins 1-5
From the Hack: Mixed Curling for our first session is ending with a very exciting finish. Four teams are tied for first presently, so on Dec. 20 a four-end round robin will determine the Champion. The teams that will be competing are: Crevier, Fuller, Vorstermans and Bell. Dec. 20 will be the last evening before Christmas; so hope you can come and support this exciting finish! Merry Christmas!

Team win-loss-tie
Lambert 9-4-0
Coulter 8-4-1
Bell 7-6-0
McDougall 6-7-0
Loranger 5-7-0
Martens 2-9-1

From the Hack: A very exciting final two games played by the top teams. Team Lambert lost to Team Coulter on Monday but rebounded nicely on Wednesday, to beat Team McDougall and secure the top spot! Thanks to everyone for bringing in food for our wrap-up party on Wednesday. The Daytime curlers will be back on the ice on Jan 6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss-tie
Baylis 5-2-0
Millsap 4-3-0
Crawford 2-4-1
Walker 2-4-1
From the Hack: Exciting finish to this session with a nail-biter championship game. Both skips, Donna and Gayle made crucial shots to keep the score close. The consolation game was a friendly competition that ended in a tie. Over food and drinks afterwards, it was decided we would ‘get our groove on’ and have ‘a 70s themed’ bonspiel in February. Next draw begins Jan. 6.

Team win-loss
Lambert 5-2
Crevier 4-3
Cass 4-3
Rowbotham 4-3
Verstegen 4-3
Flack 3-4
Hewitt 3-4
Millsap 1-5
From the Hack: Congratulations team Lambert for winning the Gord Miller Trophy. Team: Al Lambert, Wes Sauder, Scott McKay and Andy Metheral. With a 4 way tie going into the final night, the win came down to the final rock. With Cass and Rowbotham both taking losses in their games, it came down to the Lambert and Crevier game. With a tie game going into the last end and Crevier looking like he was going to win, Al Lambert made a very difficult draw around multiple guards to put a rock right on the button and take the victory! Next draw will start Jan. 7, anyone interested in playing contact Adam at 705-607-2326.

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