Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie
Crawford 1-0
Baylis 1-0
Millsap 0-1
Walker 0-1
From the Hack: Winter draw began Monday night with the Ladies curling for the Foodland Trophy.
A good start for Team Crawford with skip Judith making a brilliant shot in the 8th end to score 4 and capture the win from Team Millsap. Early scoring by Team Baylis, kept the win out of the reach of Team Walker. Several precise measurements were required.
Quote of the week : “That’s your measuring tape?!”

Team win-loss-tie
Bell 2-0
Martens 2-0
Coulter 1-1
Steed 1-1
McDougall 0-1
Loranger 0-1
Lambert 0-2
From the Hack: Another session of curling is underway. We welcome new curlers Christine and Anthony, who have both impressed their teammates, by throwing nicely weighted stones, in their lead positions. Jim, skip of Team Bell, has delivered excellent takeout and draw shots so far this session – if he keeps it up, his team will be hard to catch in the standings! However, Bill, the skipper of Team Martens, (and who believes he’s the best looking guy on his team!), has a strong crew in Sandy, Joan and Karen, and it looks like they will give Team Bell a run for their money! Early days, yet! Thanks Marty for the cookies. Good curling everyone!

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