Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Martens 5-0
Steed 4-2
Coulter 3-1
Bell 2-3
McDougall 2-3
Loranger 2-3
Lambert 0-6
From the Hack: Team Martens continued to steam-roll over the opposition. With 5 games played and 5 wins secured, it’s hard to see any other team upsetting them. In the upcoming games, Teams Steed and Coulter will do their best to take them down a notch! On Wednesday, Ron was down 3, and managed a perfectly weighted take out and stay shot to score 4 in the 8th, to gain a win for Team Coulter over Team Bell. Due to the absence of Al on Wednesday, Marty stepped up to play skipper for Team Lambert. Both his supporting team members and the opposing team members were impressed with his shot calling and execution. Liz, the banana bread was delicious! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss
Baylis 3-0
Walker 2-1
Crawford 1-2
Millsap 0-3
From the Hack: It was blue Monday, but the red rocks were the winners this week.
Donna and team remain undefeated after a close game of inspiring shots by both skips. Heather had some tricky shots where Plan B or even C got the points needed to win. It is great to see how well all our new curlers are playing. Quote of the week: If you are too busy to curl, you are too busy!

Team win-loss
Rowbotham 3-0
Cober 2-1
Wilson 2-1
Lambert 1-1
Crevier 1-1
Verstegen 1-1
Flack 1-2
Millsap 1-2
Hewitt 0-3

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