Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss-tie
Madill 3-0-1
Fuller 3-1-0
Crevier 2-0-2
Baylis 2-1-1
Bell 2-1-1
McArthur 1-2-1
Cass 0-0-4
Vorstermans 0-0-4
From the Hack: Team Madill leads after four games with the Team Fuller close behind. There are three games remaining making an exciting Friday night to come out and watch. Games start at 7 p.m. Come and enjoy some great curling.

Team win-loss-tie
Baylis 3-1
Walker 3-1
Crawford 2-2
Millsap 0-4
From the Hack: First loss for Team Baylis in spite of strong performances by the front end and 3 double take outs by Donna. Consistent shots by Christine and Gail helped Team Walker secure the win. After attending practice, Gabe threw perfect guards and draw weight for Team Crawford. Two four point ends proved to be too much for Team Millsap.
Did You Know?…The curling stones granite is highly polished, but the sides are blasted to create a textured surface that helps transfer rotational forces during impact.

Team win-loss
Martens 6-1
Coulter 4-2
Steed 4-3
Loranger 4-3
Bell 3-4
McDougall 3-4
Lambert 0-7
From the Hack: Monday had Teams Coulter and Loranger managing wins over Teams McDougall and Steed respectively. And, no surprise here, Team Martens continued their domination by marking up another check in the W column, to the detriment of Team Bell. But wait, on Wednesday, the “Dragon-Slayers” arrived! Yup, Team Martens succumbed to the superior shot-making of Bill, Marion, Mary and Rick, of Team McDougall. It was an excellent match with Team Martens ahead by one, coming home. Team McDougall had the hammer. The front end set up the house perfectly, and Bill placed the last stone in the four-foot, to score two for the win. Gail supplied some tasty “magical” squares this week… much appreciated. Good curling everyone!

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