Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Martens 7-1
Coulter 5-3
Loranger 5-3
Steed 4-5
Bell 4-5
McDougall 3-5
Lambert 2-7
From the Hack: On Monday, there was another exciting close match featuring Teams Martens and Coulter. It was tied after seven ends with Team Coulter having the hammer coming home. Ron had one sitting at the back of the button and Bill had to draw in and kiss it with his final stone. Unfortunately, Bill came up short by a few inches, allowing Ron to throw away his last rock, but counting one and a win for Team Coulter. On Sheet 2, Team Lambert impressed with excellent shot-making to down Team Steed and record their first win! Team Lambert picked up their second win by besting Team Coulter on Wednesday. Karen skipped Team Martens on Wednesday and secured a win against Team Steed. Thanks to Joan and Diane for treats this week! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss
Fuller 4 -1-0
Madill 3-0-2
Baylis 3-1-1
Crevier 2-0-3
Bell 2-2-1
McArthur 2-2-1
Cass 0-5-0
Vorstermans 0-5-0
From the Hack: Fuller takes the lead with only two games remaining.

Team win-loss
Baylis 4-1
Walker 4-1
Crawford 2-3
Millsap 0-5
From the Hack: While both front ends struggled to find the right weight, vices Ann and Gail threw perfect rocks the whole game.
Team Walker took the win, but Judith made shots that surprised everyone… even her. Without their skip, Barb, Chantelle and Natalie were trailing after three ends. After some guidance from opposing skip Donna, they started their comeback by winning the next three ends. Unfortunately it was not enough for Team Millsap to get in the win column.
Quote of the week: (PC)” The hammer is overrated!”

Team win-loss
Rowbotham 4-1
Wilson 4-1
Cober 3-1
Crevier 3-1
Millsap 3-2
Lambert 1-3
Verstegen 1-3
Flack 1-4
Hewitt 0-4

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