Creemore Curling Club standings

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Team win-loss
Martens 7-3
Loranger 7-3
Coulter 6-4
Steed 5-5
Bell 5-5
McDougall 4-6
Lambert 3-7
From the Hack: The remaining games of session 2 have been played. The standings board was mathematically adjusted to reflect that some teams had 2 byes and some teams had 1 bye. As it turned out, 2 teams tied for 1st place with 7 wins each. Then the head-to-head results were reviewed. In this case Team Martens won both matches against Team Loranger which confirmed them as the overall winners – well done Bill, Karen, Joan and Sandy! The last session starts on Monday, Feb. 17, with all lady skips! WOOT! Good curling everyone!

Team win-loss
Baylis 5-1
Walker 4-2
Crawford 2-4
Millsap 1-5
From the Hack: Another win by Team Baylis puts them in the trophy game next week against Team Crawford. Will we see a back to back championship for Donna?
On sheet 2 there was some family one upping happening with Christine and Chantelle both throwing take outs of each others rocks. Gayle was happy with a win thanks to her accurate hammer shots.

Team win-loss-tie
Rowbotham 4-1-0
Wilson 4-1-0
Crevier 4-1-0
Cober 3-2-0
Millsap 3-2-0
Verstegen 2-3-0
Flack 1-4-1
Lambert 1-4-0
Hewitt 0-4-1
From The Hack: Once again we have a some evenly matched teams and the winner of this draw will have to be decided next week on the final night. Check in next week to see if first time skip Brian Wilson and team will take the trophy or will it be one of the veteran skips and their teams that come out on top.

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