Creemore farmers demand road improvements

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Mount Zion beef farmers say they will no longer tolerate poor road conditions in their community west of Creemore. 

Curtis Royal, speaking on behalf of the community, pleaded with members of Clearview council Monday to address the long-standing problem. 

“Our farms produce millions of dollars in economic activity, support spin-off businesses in the area, and create employment. We will no longer put up with these sub-standard roads,” said Royal. 

He said the potholes are so deep that they are beyond simple repairs.

“We have talked to the roads department over the years, but to no avail. We shouldn’t have to come to council so we hope, as a united front, our voices will finally be heard,” said Royal.

Farmers are asking council to approve the reconstruction and paving of the 5th Concession from Creemore to the Mulmur town line and the Mulmur/Nottawasaga Townline between the 5th Concession to Lavender.  

“Because of the state of the three miles of road on the 5th, we ask that the project work begin at the south end and proceed north to Creemore. We realize that because of the cost, the work can’t all be accomplished in one year, but our expectations are that within three years these roads will be rebuilt and paved. Our economic output demands it,” he said. 

Royal also requested that a portion of the 3/4 Sideroad Nottawasaga and the 6th Concession be brought up to standard with gravel and weekly maintenance. 

He said the roads in Mulmur are graded regularly and are in much better condition. 

More than 5,500 head of cattle go to market annually and that results in 250 tractor trailer loads plus thousands of truck loads associated with feed, manure and fuel.

“We are tired of pounding our vehicles and machinery over the roads in their current state, and truckers coming in and out are questioning it too. We cannot have our suppliers refusing to deliver to us. I know there isn’t one of you that would put up with driving on roads in the condition we have had to endure for years,” said Royal.

He said truck drivers always jokingly ask if they haven’t paid their taxes because the roads aren’t maintained and one guy refers to the spring as muffler season because the road has already claimed two.

“We know you take pride in all that Clearview has to offer, so supply roads to your hard working residents and guests to our area, that are not a worry but a pleasure to drive on,” said Royal. “You have the equipment and the manpower, you just have to strive for pride in workmanship and efficiencies. Neglect will only cost more in the end.”

Council directed staff to get a quote on how much it would cost to fulfill the requests.

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