Creemore Springs Brewery launches compostable eco ring

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Creemore Springs Brewery is marking Plastic Free July with a new compostable six pack ring.
The “folks at Creemore Springs” discovered the innovative packaging at a tradeshow last year. The ring is made in Mexico and will replace the black plastic ring that was used in the brewery’s retail store for mix-and-match purchases.
The ring is made from 80 per cent recycled corrugated fibres, it’s completely biodegradable, and is made of organic compostable material that can be ingested by wildlife.
Looking to the future, the company is hoping to incorporate spent grain, which is a byproduct of the brewing process.
“We decided we would replace the plastic rings with the Eco Six Pack Ring because their biodegradable nature and the compostability… it just checks off a whole lot of boxes for us in Creemore,” said Creemore Springs Brewery’s Stephanie McLarty.
She said the LCBO was interested in stocking a six-pack of the 355 ml cans using the new sleeve, which is now available exclusively at the LCBO.
“We had it scheduled to test for September of this year but because of their interest, they asked us to fast track that and launched it in March and it has been a very successful product at the LCBO for them,” said McLarty.
“We are looking at the capabilities of bringing machinery in house to make this more across the portfolio versus just the lager 355.”

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