Creemore’s streets and sidewalks a disgrace

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[Friday, Jan. 19 2 p.m.] A couple of hours ago I walked to the post office; the streets and sidewalks were in a horrible state and an eyesore; slush and ice and dirt wherever one stepped. Nowhere in nearby towns have I seen such a mess. The streets in Collingwood, Stayner, Barrie and Wasaga Beach are cleared and, because of rising temperatures, they are now dry and clean.

The problem wasn’t just today. Many times when I turned into Mill Street it struck me how uncared the streetscape through the village’s centre looked.  And on days when temperatures dropped way below normal, ‘the mess’ froze and people had to help each other to traverse the most dangerous surfaces. Creemore looked to me like it hadn’t paid its bills and is being chastised for it.  What I don’t understand is that most mornings I could hear one of those big machines thundering past my house, even on days when there hadn’t been an overnight snowfall.

When I got back home I opened The Echo and came across a letter to the editor by a Brenda Wilson whose opinion was the exact opposite to mine.  I was puzzled; so I called a friend to ask how this could be.  It turns out Mrs. Wilson is the wife of the Clearview staff person responsible for the upkeep of our streets and sidewalks. If this is the case, there is clearly a conflict of interest and bias.

I would like to know why Creemore is being so neglected!

It is time that Clearview Township takes remedial action to treat Creemore as it treats Stayner.

Ingrid Schilling,


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