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Kindred spirits Bronwyn Baxter and Marcy Stewart have channeled their passion for making old things beautiful again and reducing waste into a new retail venture.

Fast friends, the two designers found they had a lot in common, and made quick work of turning their commonalities into The Feathered Fawn, Mill Street’s newest boutique.

Baxter, a New Lowell resident, was living out west until recently relocating to the area. She visited Creemore this summer to look at retail space when she popped into Stewart’s flower shop. They quickly realized they were well suited as business partners.

“It was refreshing to find someone so likeminded,” said Stewart. “I had just asked the universe to send me someone who was like minded and extremely talented.”

They describe their relationship as serendipitous, a match made in heaven.

Baxter has had a career in design and Stewart has done a lot of design work, most recently focusing on greenery and florals at Flowers by Ms Design.

Their new shop is filled with furniture and décor items sourced from auctions and collectors, many painted in muted tones. Old dressers, sideboards, and mirrors have been given a modern twist and staged in themed areas.

“We upcycle everything,” said Baxter. “It’s better to utilize something that is well made than to use imported goods.”

The old pieces tell a story, they say, and people really appreciate that. An old trolley car from Collingwood shipyards has been turned into a coffee table and an old church altar has been made into a headboard.

They say they both see the potential in things others may not and have an eye for things that could be brought back to life.

There is an outdoorsy feel to The Feathered Fawn with trees, furs, animal imagery and fresh flowers.

“It’s like the Christmas pop up shop, but we’re here to stay,” said Stewart.

The Feathered Fawn will carry a unique selection of goods.

The plan is to offer a number of workshops on things like feng shui, Christmas centerpieces and the lost art of setting tables and making beds.

The Feathered Fawn is located at 145 Mill St. Store hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. most days, closing Sundays at 4 p.m., staying open until 7 p.m. on Fridays and closed Mondays. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram. Contact [email protected] or 780-545-7187.

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