Did we seal our own fate?

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I have been following the letters in the paper concerning the upcoming closure of our one and only bank here in Creemore. All the points made in the letters all have due merit, however, I have to wonder if the bank is not entirely to blame.

Think back several years when the proposed development on the Bill Gordon lands was met with venomous opposition.

Did we seal our own fate? Did we predict that we would start to lose valuable services here in town?

Everyone is focused on the bank, but what about the closure of the small school due to the falling numbers of enrollment.

Maybe, just maybe, if the development had gone through we would have many more services available.

Think what a difference just 200 new homes would have made in our community.

Any business owner knows that a business has to have a profit margin in order to stay in business.

A bank is no different although given the profits and earnings that come out of these businesses they seem to be the most profitable of all the businesses in business (they have that much business).

The problem with these big corporations is that they have no heart and soul for the people who enter their premises to do necessary transactions to survive.

We need access to our money in our own town, not up in Stayner or Collingwood.

I remember when amalgamation took place; there is still a very bad taste in the mouths of Creemore residents over that one. So maybe the lesson here is to think before we let groups talk for the masses, when huge life changing decisions are being made for the future of our little village.

Who knows what will be the next nail in the coffin of the death of Creemore.

Cat Flack,


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