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If there was ever a municipality that needs to see a cut in the number of ineffectual councillors its Clearview, with its staff-controlled municipal government!

Nine representatives for just 14,000 residents is far higher proportion of councillors/resident than Toronto and other large cities.

The Municipal Act needs a total rewrite to take control of our municipal government back from the highly paid civil servants into the hands of far fewer full-time councillors being paid a decent salary and with a term limit so that we don’t get the same-old, same-old representation that we are ending up with once again in Clearview. (three incumbents, with no voted mandate from residents, being “interred” once again.)

Get rid of the ward system and have fewer more involved and “recallable” representatives accountable to all residents equally.

Bar full-time, extremely well paid, civil servants from any jurisdiction from also holding public office. (Our mayor is a civil servant in Barrie and the wage increases (+30 per cent in this term) he has implemented for the CAO of Clearview indicate a penchant for bloating wage levels that he might also benefit from.)

Remove the right of your elected representative to delegate another  party to represent Clearview at county, if you voted for “Jim Jones”, he should be the one representing you at county not some unknown party.

Replace council chosen integrity commissioners and closed meeting investigators with the Ontario Ombudsman so that every community gets the same treatment of their concerns and complaints from an entity using common standards with the costs of that service being paid by the province.

Appoint a provincial integrity commissioner with legal authority to fire or fine the currently untouchable staff who fail to comply with the law or lie when providing information to the council or the public.

Peter Lomath,


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