Doug Measures elected Clearview mayor

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Doug Measures was victorious in his run for mayor of Clearview Township. 

Measures won with 2,565 votes, beating out Christopher Vanderkruys, who got 1,967 votes.

“I’m feeling very good. I think that it was a very good campaign. I am very grateful to supporters who helped me but mostly I am very grateful to the voters across all of Clearview Township who stepped up and recognized the message that I was bringing and showed their support by voting for me,” said Measures.

The three-term Ward 1 council rep ran for mayor on a platform of open communication with the hope of increasing public participation and idea sharing between residents and politicians.

“The wait was quite nerve-wracking considering what was happening in our neighbouring municipalities and their electoral process,” said Measures, referring to problems with the Dominion Voting System, which caused Collingwood to declare an emergency extension of the voting period by one day “due to high load volumes”.

“It was a little unnerving to know whether there was an issue with ours or not and as it turns out there was not,” said Measures. “Overall I am very happy with the way the whole thing was delivered.”

Measures said after the announcement he retired to The Doornoch pub in Nottawa to celebrate. He was joined by councillors-elect Doug McKechnie (Ward 2), Ed Christie (Ward 1), and John Broderick (Ward 3), as well as supporters, family and friends. 

“It was great to celebrate together,” he said.

“I look forward to serving as the mayor of Clearview Township and I look forward to working with members of council, members of staff and of the public in a collaborative to move Clearview Township forward,” said Measures. “I’d also like to remind everyone to keep the 25th anniversary of Clearview Township on their minds as we will be certainly celebrating that all through the spring next year.”

In other election news, Thom Paterson retained his Ward 5 seat representing Creemore and Avening, with a healthy lead over opponent Anthony Sist; Deborah Bronée lost her Ward 7 seat, representing New Lowell and Brentwood, to John Lamers.

Deputy Mayor Barry Burton was acclaimed, along with Ward 6 councillor Connie Leishman and Ward 4 councillor Robert Walker.

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