Entitlement has us in a tough spot

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Welly, well, well, well. Aren’t we in a bit of a fix here in North America. It seems that our sense of entitlement has got us into some escalating COVID-19 numbers. I mean really? What did any of us expect when we thought it was our prerogative to get together over the holiday season? Did we all have a justifiably good time zipping up to the recreational property and shopping in the stores there? Spreading our little viruses around? Well hell, we pay taxes there. Of course we have the right to move back and forth from the cities. If we had property in Chernobyl we would head there just on principle alone. After all politicians, who are really smart men and women (the president of the Divided States of America for example), are off on international holidays. It’s okay for them. They’re entitled because they work harder than the rest of us, don’t they? Or maybe they’re entitled because they have more money than us because they didn’t lose their business or their job.
And some of us feel that it is also our God-given right to not wear a mask and to reject having the COVID-19 vaccination. Well, I have been happy to make it this far in life (60+) without smallpox, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, shingles and assorted other ailments thanks to the vaccinations I’ve had. So don’t try to rabble-rouse me into this stupid conspiracy about the government putting a tracking device into the vaccine. (But I do think it is a really good idea to put the tracking device into those who reject the vaccine so that we can keep an eye on them to insure that they are not close to heavy machinery or hot stoves.)
Anyway, I wish all of you a very happy 2021 and may all of your friends and family make it through alive, unless they are entitled to the coronavirus due to your recklessness.
Murray Lackie,

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