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We are in the dregs of winter. A season that as I get older I find I am less tolerant of the cold and short dark days.
The CEO loves winter. It keeps him busy with snow blowing, curling and snowmobiling, none of which I care to do. Give me a snuggly blanket, hot tea and a good book, and don’t call me till late May when it might be safe to take off the long johns.
I try to get out and enjoy some extracurricular activities but the thought of going out in the dark and the cold just sends a shiver up my spine.
I have no strong desire to head somewhere hot and just sit on a beach; I prefer a trip that has lots of interesting things to do. I have been to Mexico and the Dominican but found it rather boring after the third day, not to mention the food all seems to taste the same.
I prefer instead to stay in the hood and try to get out to the classes that are available through the Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society in partnership with the Creemore Community Arts Project. I have gone to the creative writing class with Emily Worts and found that it got the steam back into my writing side of the brain. I am looking forward to going to the seniors drawing class with Sara Sniderhan. We are so lucky to have the talent available to us at such a reduced cost, I mean where else can you go for $5? Whatever your feelings are about winter, don’t worry, spring will be here before we know it, and at least I hope it is before Canada Day.

Cat Flack writes about all things rural. She is a member of the Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society’s board of directors.

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